Document Scanning

Waste Paper Solutions’ document scanning service is the ideal solution to data storage and rapid retrieval.

Digital Imaging is very efficient method of document management, for retrieval purposes and as an alternative means of storage. We will scan each and every document and create a digital file. This means you are able to shred and securely dispose of all of your paper files, freeing up precious space and moving one step towards the elusive ‘paperless’ office. It also means you can call up any document, at any time, instantly without having to trawl through endless files and folders. If you are unsure of the benefits of scanning your documents please read this article

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Waste Paper Solutions document scanning

Waste Paper Solutions’ document scanning service allows you to have instant access to your information. Our free software allows you access to the information you need in seconds not days.

  • Data sent to you on a CD (Backed up on our remote, secure servers)
  • Data uploaded on to software provided by Waste Paper Solutions
  • or all information uploaded to your own internal servers/software

Whether it’s a JPEG, TIF , PDF or any other type of image your data is immediately accessible to you as soon as it is scanned.

The recent deployment of the Cloud means we can now upload the information the minute we have scanned it so you can log on anywhere in the world and access the information you wanted instantly. Waste Paper Solutions are so confident that the Your company will benefit from an instant increase in efficiency and office space. Waste Paper Solutions will provide you with a dedicated team of on-demand scanners, saving thousands of man hours each year. We are also offering an iPad with your first order* so you can access all of your digital files instantly and seamlessly.

Contact us now to make the transition to an organised and paperless office completely effortless.

*Minimum scan volumes apply